Era7 is a playable NFT card game that allows players to experience the joy and cost-benefit of GameFi with a very low entry threshold. We believe that now is a good time to start playing the Era7 game.

And we have several reasons for this:

  • The gameplay of the game is good and it is quite interesting to play it.
  • Mechanisms and NFT purchases are optional and only simplify the game.
  • The token, despite its fall is at a level higher than it was when the game was released, and also maintains a stable price.
  • The number of players is quite large and persists over time.

The only one curiosity is that the number of users in profit is decreasing. But despite this, the pros of the game are obviously much more than the cons.

Review of the game
Good time to join THE GAME!

ROI last month

35 days

Number of users

11 603

Total volume


Winners and losers

Profitable players


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